It’s Spring!

As we move into the full vibration of spring, can you feel the shifts bubble up inside you? The tulips are peeking out, the birds are preparing to build their nests, the light is back, and with it, the healing energy of the new season.

In spring we are shifting from the inner contemplative yin energy of winter to the more vibrant active yang energy of summer. It is a time to plant seeds of renewal and to celebrate the new life that  is emerging all around us.  There is change occurring within you as well. Take time to sit in stillness and focus on your breath as you observe the shifts within yourself. And if your a creative like me start a bright new project.

It is important to maintain balance changing energy of the seasons. The liver energy is very active in the spring and needs to be supported to be able to detoxify the body.

Show your liver some love.

Green is the colour of spring. Eat loads of greens, get outside in the green, move your body by walking in the sun, doing qigong gentle exercises, get your hands in the earth, and smile!  These are perfect ways to detoxify and maintain balance. Allergies and other respiratory ailments are a sign that your liver is out of balance. You know what to do!

Kale is a nutrient dense super food, your liver will love it!

Here are 6 TIPS FOR FLAWLESS KALE CHIPS + ALL-DRESSED KALE CHIPS RECIPE from Angela at Oh She Glows, I use this recipe all the time and hope you like it! Click to get it here.

If you feel moved to do so, please share your favourite spring rituals and practices in the comments below.

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